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Which battery gives you the right energy?

Determine your own range

Above chart gives an indication of the range.

  • Energy delivery

    How far do you want to bike without having to charge your battery? Do you bike short or long distances?

    There are a few things to bear in mind when determining the appropriate range of  your battery. The higher-capacity the battery has the more expensive the battery (the longer the battery life) – this is why it’s important to determine the battery that best suits your journey.

    Your battery is protected via Votani’s energy management system with cell balancing features. They are available in 4 different capacities: 36V: 9Ah - 36V: 11Ah - 36V: 13Ah - 36V: 17Ah.

    Your appropriate performance radius is dependent on several factors:

    • The higher the electric support level, the lower the range
    • Biking on poor road construction or hilly terrain will reduce the range
    • Low temperatures can reduce the radius by 20-30%
    • Using a high gear uses more energy and this will decrease the range
    • Your weight
    • Tire inflation. Ensure your tires are pumped up to ensure minimal influence of weight on range.

"There are no finer e-bikes,
than Votani e-bikes"

"Peter van Riemsdijk"


“The boost after the start felt like a relief. 
It gave me a robust and powerful feeling.”  

“Marlies van Doren”

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