How does an electric bicycle works?

The system of an electric bike consists of five ‘major’ components responsible for providing the support.

The brain of the bike is the controller, it regulates the cooperation of all components and provide the requested support. You supply this support as a cyclist by using the centrally mounted display and 6 support levels.

The Votani e-bike will only support if the controller receives a pulse from the rotation sensor, which is hidden behind the front sprocket. On the basis of the amount and rate of these pulses, the controller indicates the motor to the command to go to work with the amount of required support. The motor is powered by the battery, which is available in four different sizes for different range - 9Ah to 65 km - 11 Ah to 80 km - 13 Ah up to 95 km - 17 Ah to 130 km.

What is the difference between a front wheel motor and a mid motor?

The difference is in the forward push or pulled when the system delivers the support. It's a feeling that you have to experience yourself to determine what you like best. That may be the best while making a test ride at an authorized dealer.

How fast can I cycle with the Votani e-bike?

An electric bike of Votani may give support to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

What factors affect the range?

  •       The higher the support stand, the lower the radius of action.
  •       You cycle on rough roads or in hilly countryside, this will be to the detriment of the range.
  •       At low temperatures, the range may decrease by 20 to 30%.
  •       Do you like using a high gear, then you are wasting this energy and this is at the expense of the range.
  •       Also body weight of the rider will affect the distance.
  •       Regularly check your tire pressure to minimize the impact. Inflated tires have less rolling resistance and a positive impact on the range.

Is the bike much heavier if I disable the motor or if the battery is empty?

No, the electric bike is the same bicycle as a regular bike, but an e-bike is inherently heavier than an unsupported bike.

What happens if I cycle with a low battery?

When the battery is completely discharged, the system switches off. Make sure that the battery is recharged as soon as possible to preserve your battery.

How long does the battery last?

Like any battery, the batteries of electric bicycles are not infinitely sustainable. Votani has built a ‘sleep mode’ in his intelligent Battery Management System, which ensures longer life. Largely the number of charges and discharges determines the lifecycle of a battery.

What is the 'sleep mode' of the battery?

To give a battery the longest lifecycle possible Votani has built in a 'sleep mode' in the battery management system. This activates after 30 minutes of inactivity of the battery. Turn on your battery with the button on the back of the battery, to prevent hibernation.

My battery is in sleep mode. How do I switch it back on?

  1.       You press once on the ON/OFF button on the battery.
  2.       You wait 2 seconds and then press once again on the ON/OFF button on the battery.
  3.       Then you can startup the system with the display.

Should the battery to the charger when I am not using my Votani?

No, this doesn’t need to be connected continuously to the charger. If you do not use your bike for a long time, we recommend charging the battery once a month.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Your Votani comes with a 2Ah charger. If we assume that a battery is completely empty, you can keep the following schedule:

Battery Type

Charging Time

 9  Ah

   4,5 hour

11 Ah

   5,5 hour

13 Ah

   6,5 hour

17 Ah

   8,5 hour

What should I do when my battery is not used for a while?

We recommend charging the battery once a month. This prevents a depth discharge or damage of the battery.

Is the display waterproof?

Yes, the display is waterproof.

Can I test a Votani?

Yes, that's possible. On our website you can see which Votani dealers are in your area. Through our website, you can make an appointment for a test ride, or you can visit the bike shop.

How can I best maintain my Votani?

You can make an appointment with your Votani dealer for the first maintenance or adjustments. Because many components need time to engage, you can do this best when you have cycled a few hundred kilometers. However, an annual service is still recommended. You can do this the best for the winter season begins, because your electric bicycle will probably stay longer stationary.

I have a problem, what should I do?

You can contact your Votani dealer. He will help you solve the problem.

How long guarantee do I have on my Votani e-bike?

The guarantee can be found in the warranty.

I have a problem outside of the warranty (period), but I do think it should be covered under warranty. What should I do?

You can contact your dealer Votani. He will contact the technical department of Votani for further consultations.

Is there an User Manual for the Votani e-bike?

The User Manual of your electric bicycle is included with purchase and can be downloaded from the website.

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