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Votani aims to create the feeling of family

The advantage of a family-company is that partners want to associate with a family, not an anonymous structure. We feel more engaged and everybody wants to take that extra step. A family watches out for each other, not as a duty but as an instinct.

This is how Votani wants to, with its dealers, enter the market: open and collaborative, with the same goal in mind: reach consumers who enjoy the experience of riding an electric bike and in their own way become part of the Votani family.

  • Reliable appeal

    Reliable appeal

    It’s important to understand the current status of your electric bike. The 2.7” LCD screen displays clearly your battery life status and your current power level. But regardless of your speed, how long you’ve been biking and the kilometers ridden, if an error is detected somewhere the screen will notify you. Biking at night? The screen will light up accordingly. It truly is an easy to use system that can be interacted with next to your handle.   

  • Energy delivery

    Energy delivery

    How far do you want to bike without having to charge your battery? Do you bike short or long distances?

    There are a few things to bear in mind when determining the appropriate range of  your battery. The higher-capacity the battery has the more expensive the battery (the longer the battery life) – this is why it’s important to determine the battery that best suits your journey.

    Your battery is protected via Votani’s energy management system with cell balancing features. They are available in 4 different capacities: 36V: 9Ah - 36V: 11Ah - 36V: 13Ah - 36V: 17Ah.

    Your appropriate performance radius is dependent on several factors:

    • The higher the electric support level, the lower the range
    • Biking on poor road construction or hilly terrain will reduce the range
    • Low temperatures can reduce the radius by 20-30%
    • Using a high gear uses more energy and this will decrease the range
    • Your weight
    • Tire inflation. Ensure your tires are pumped up to ensure minimal influence of weight on range.
  • Feel the power

    Feel the power

    How much power suits you? Votani lets you choose between a front and a rear wheel motor. You will only notice the difference once you try them out. That’s why we recommend you to try both motors to determine what’s the right one for you. Both systems have a brush-less motor with gearing to deliver a smooth riding experience.  The high efficiency of over 80% energy conservation gives Votani bikes a large radius of travel. 

  • Enjoy with style

    Enjoy with style

    A good bike, that’s what’s important at the time of purchasing. But you’re also going to be seen riding your bike! Votani e-bikes have developed a stylish, clean design where all the cables are integrated into the frame.

  • Intuvia display

    Intuvia display

    It is important to know how your electric bike works. That gives a familiar feeling. Through the display you can easily see how much battery capacity you have and which power level you use. But also what your speed is, how long you are cycling and how many kilometers you have driven. If something is wrong, you will receive a message on your display. And if you are cycling in the dark, you will have a good view of what is happening through the illuminated display. This display is easy to use due to the operation which is attached to the handle.

  • Batt Bosh

    Batt Bosh

    What you need to know about the range of your e-bike. One of the most important parts of your e-bike is the battery. Especially the number of Wh of your battery is essential for the performance of your e-bike. This also determines the range, which indicates how many kilometers you can cycle with a fully charged battery. However, there are several factors that affect the range of your battery. For example, consider your cycling style, but also the weather conditions in which you cycle.
    At Votani we offer various batteries, each with its own range. This gives an indication of the range in kilometers. The factors that influence the number of kilometers,
    you will find below.

    Factors that influence the range (range in km):

    • High electric support.
    • Poor road or hilly terrain.
    • Cold weather conditions.
    • Your own weight and bicycle style
    • Multiple alternating between braking and start-up.
    • The tire pressure of your e-bike.
  • Motor active line

    Motor active line

    Which strength suits you. Votani lets you choose between a front-wheel motor and a mid-engine. You only notice the difference by feeling it. That is why we advise you to experience both engines to determine what suits you best. Both engines have a brushless motor with gear transmission to give you a smooth driving experience. The high yield of> 80% gives Votani a larger range.

  • Frame


    Enjoy stylish

    A good bike, that's the most important thing when you buy. But you can of course also be seen with it. Votani has designed a stylish frame where the cables are concealed in the frame.

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